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Sassone Catalogo Specializzato dei Francobolli D’Italia e dei Paesi Italiani

Sassone Catalogo Specializzato dei Francobolli D’Italia e dei Paesi Italiani. Information presented is for 76th edition, 2017. By Sassone. 2,000 plus pages (2 volumes), color illustrations. Published by Sassone S.R.L., Milano. Current editions available from

Reviewer: Giorgio Migliavacca

[email protected]

APRL Locator: [G6710 .A1 C359 2017sp]

The situation as regards the best reference catalog for this area is very similar to that reported for Italy proper: Sassone and Unificato have their appeal, depending on how specialized you want to be. No major book has been written in recent times on the stamps of the Vatican City. Nevertheless, there is confirmed news that a highly respected scholar is filling the gap in a very authoritative manner; the volume is expected to be bilingual.

See listing for "CIF-Unificato" for further publication data.

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