Show Contacts

General questions about the Great American Stamp Show can be directed to or feel free to use the direct contacts below for specific questions. 


Show Chair: Wendy Masorti
Advertising (program/magazine): Stephen Schwanz, Fox Associates Inc.
APS Booth: Jeff Krantweiss
APS Functions: Amy Larimer (Banquet,Campaign reception, Soiree)
Awards: Sarah Myers
Dealers/Societies: Wendy Masorti
Exhibits/Jury: Ken Martin and Sarah Myers
Pre-Show Learning Event:  Cathy Brachbill
Program: Susanna Mills and Wendy Masorti
Publicity: Ross Jones (content team)
Meetings/Seminars: Scott Tiffney
Youth:  Cathy Brachbill
Volunteer Coordination: Sarah Myers
Website: Wendy Masorti

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