GASS 2023 News & Announcements


March 3rd Deadline for Dealer booth reservations for priority selection (booth requests after this date accepted on space available basis and lowest booth selection order.)
April 28th Deadline for Society booth reservation
April 28th Deadline to request meeting/seminar space
May 5th Deadline for literature exhibit entry
May 5th Deadline for exhibit frame entry (synopsis/title pages by May 31st)
May 15th Deadline for Cachetmakers Bourse reservation

Show Contacts

General questions about the Great American Stamp Show can be directed to [email protected] or feel free to use the direct contacts below for specific questions. 


Show Chair: Wendy Masorti
Local Committee Contacts:
(Volunteer/Media Support)
Dennis Sadowski
Rocco Caponi
Advertising (program/magazine): Stephen Schwanz, Fox Associates Inc.
APS Booth: Jeff Krantweiss
APS Functions: Amy Larimer (Banquet,Campaign reception, Soiree)
Awards: Wendy Masorti
Dealers/Societies: Wendy Masorti
Exhibits/Jury: Ken Martin and Sarah Myers
Pre-Show Learning Event:  Eric Spielvogel
Program: Susanna Mills and Wendy Masorti
Meetings/Seminars: Wendy Masorti
Youth:  Eric Spielvogel
Volunteer Coordination: Sarah Myers
Website: Wendy Masorti